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Name's Zoe Washburne. Second-in-command to Captain Mal, and Wash's wife.

Feel free to ask me questions.

6/10 favorite quotes - Big damn heroes, sir.

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Whenever I get scared or feel like shit I ask myself what Zoë would do and it makes me feel a lot better. Cross my heart, I swear I do.
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That is the mightiest compliment I’ve ever received, Anon.  

Once you have strength from thinkin’ on another person’s bravery, your own bravery starts to grow.  I know the feeling - my daddy an’ Wash always come to mind when I think of brave people.  

If you can feel better by thinkin’ of me all the way out here in the Black, think of all the strength that you’ve got inside of you right now!

“Zoe, ship is yours.”

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I know pets don't do too good shipboard and all, but if you were to have one, what would you want to have?
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True, they ain’t so fit for th’ black as we are…  but if it were possible, I’d have a dog - a collie.  Me ‘n my brothers ‘n sisters always grew up with dogs, so it’s natural for me to love ‘em.  

I know Inara used to keep some beta fish, since they’re so pretty ‘n durable ‘n all…  not really for me, though.  Fish’r mighty boring.


Firefly “Objects in Space”
-Zoe and Wash

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Zoe/Wash in red or yellow asked by ucsunnydale

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Mal: “Think she’ll hold together?” 

Zoe: “She’s torn up plenty, but she’ll fly true.” 

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We’ve just docked planetside for a short spell, since we’re in between jobs for Badger - anybody got any questions for us?  Cap’n ordered we stay inside the ship, so we’re gettin’ mighty bored…

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